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Vancouver Washington Police
History of Vancouver Police; The Hudsonís Bay Company was established at Fort Vancouver in 1825. Prior to this time, the only law enforcement in this area consisted of tribal and military laws. The Hudson's Bay Company was only allowed legal jurisdiction over British subjects. While officers and other gentlemen who committed crimes were confined to their quarters, soldiers and common people were tied to the cannons and whipped for crimes such as theft, drunkenness, and desertion. Occupants of the Hudson's Bay Company jail were generally land claim jumpers, deserters, and conspirators against the Company officers. The most common crime at this time was soldiers stealing fruit from the orchards.
Neighborhood Associations in Vancouver have been officially recognized since 1975.  Since then, the Office of Neighborhoods has been growing and changing along with the community. 
Over the years, the city has increased opportunities for citizen involvement and built strong partnerships between city hall and the community through special programs and
 benefits for recognized neighborhood associations.  In 1990 there were 14 recognized neighborhood associations; today there are 62 officially recognized associations.





Vancouver Washington Police Department in Clark County WA

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